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Yes. Because rule one when cooking with wine is never use a wine you would not drink to cook with, The quality of the wine you use reflects in the quality of the final results and flavor.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-29 23:27:03
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Q: Can you drink red cooking wine?
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Can you substitute red cooking wine for burgundy wine?

Depends on what you are cooking. In my cooking, I've found them to be interchanghable. Red cooking wine is NOT a substitute for wine meant to be consumed as wine -- drinking it.

Where do you find red wine for cooking?

in your mother`s liqueur cabinet. What do you mean? Cooking red wine is normal red wine.

Which red wine is best for cooking?

ANY wine ANY wine is good for cooking EXCEPT wine labelled "cooking" wine... never cook with a wine you would not drink on its own. Certain wines for certain foods! Red for Heavy and White for Light!(and Veg) Experiment away but, that's the general rule in almost all occasions.

What is Lady Gagas favorite drink?

Red wine is her favorite drink.

Can you substitute cooking wine for dry wine?

Cooking wine is highly seasoned. It's better to avoid cooking wine. However, you don't need to buy an expensive wine to cook with. Pick up a moderately price dry white or dry red wine that you can also drink with the meal!

Can you use red cooking wine as a substitute for red wine?

In my experience you should never use a wine you wouldn't drink in anything you would eat, bu you also shouldn't use and expensive wine either.**i agree with the above, but you could use cooking wine if you had to, but i wouldn't recommended it either. Cooking wine has a lot of sodium in it so its not desirable to the many cooks.

What is a good dry red wine for cooking?

Any dry red dinner wine is good for cooking.

Can red cooking wine be used in place of red wine?

It can be for cooking, but not for drinking, because it contains salt.

Can you use red wine cooking wine instead of red wine vinegar?

you can and cant

Can you sub red zinfandel for red wine in cooking?

Yes. But the flavor will not be quite the same. Red wine is obviously the best when it comes to cooking.

What is Lady Gaga's favourite drink?

Red Wine. :D

Which white wine is best for cooking?

When cooking with wine there is one rule you should always follow. Never cook with a wine that you wouldn't drink yourself. That rule applies to both red and white varieties. If you like the taste of a chardonney then buy all means add that to your recipe. A savignon blanc is also a good wine to cook with.A dry white wine is best for cooking when the recipe calls for a white wine. If the recipe calls for a red wine, it usually should be a dry red wine.

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