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Yes. It is safe to recook chicken after it has been frozen. We did this a lot for soups and other dishes that needed chicken. Reusing cooked meats is a way to help your budget stretch.

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2008-07-27 23:20:51
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Q: Can you cook chicken after it as been frozen after been cooked?
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Can you refreeze a frozen chicken joint after it has been cooked?

Yes, you can thaw, cook, and refreeze chicken.

Can you recook cooked chicken which has been frozen?

of course its frozen i mean you can heat it up but you can put it in grease again if its already fried Mabey re-heat but you can't cook a chicken that has allready been cooked!!

Can frozen chicken be cooked then refrozen?

Yes you can thaw frozen chicken, cook it and then freeze it again, you should not thaw frozen chicken and re freeze without cooking, or thaw cooked chicken and refreeze.

Can you cook frozen breaded chicken breast on george foreman grill?

it it fresh chicken that's been frozen,then the answer is no. some frozen chicken does come pre-cooked check the directions on package.

Can you defrost chicken then cook then freeze then defrost and eat cold?

Yes, it should be safe to eat frozen, thawed, cooked and frozen chicken.

Frozen chicken in crock pot?

Sure! I cook solid-frozen chickens in my crock pots all the time. Just depends on how quick you want your chicken cooked.

Do you need to defrost a whole cooked chicken before reheating?

You could cook a chicken from frozen, but thawing it will allow for more even cooking and less cook time.

Can frozen exp meat and chicken be cooked?

if the meat was frozen before the expiration date then yes it's perfectly fine to cook and eat :)

How long does a defrosted turkey have to be cooked?

Poultry, turkey or chicken, is cooked 20 min. per pound. Multiply the number of pounds by 20 min. It is best to only cook defrosted poultry. Semi-frozen poultry will not cook evenly. If cooked for the number hours/min. per pound chances are the interior of a semi- frozen chicken or turkey will still be frozen while the outside is cooked.

How do you reheat frozen cooked chicken?

For future refernce, it is probably best not to freeze your chicken that has already been cooked. If you want to freeze your chicken in a marinade that is fine, but don't cook your chicken. The best way would be to just let it thaw completely. Then heat it either in the oven, or the microwave.

If frozen chicken has been thawed 5 hours is it safe to cook?


How do you cook frozen drumsticks?

You should not take risks with chicken, it must be defrosted before it is cooked, you can defrost frozen chicken in a microwave or drop the meat into warm water and leave for at least an hour to defrost, and check they have before you cook them.

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