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Be honest about it.

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Q: What to do if under charged in a restaurant?
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How do people feel about being charged for canceling a restaurant reservation?

Many people become upset about being charged for cancelling a restaurant reservation. The general thought is that there should be no charge if a reservation is cancelled versus being a no show.

What is the maximum legal percentage a restaurant can charge in NYC for a mandatory gratuity?

A restaurant can charge 15 percent gratuity automatically. Twenty percent is considered exceptional service and cannot be charged automatically by a restaurant.

Can you drink alcohol in a restaurant with a parent in NSW under the age of 18?

No, you cannot drink alcohol in a restaurant with a parent in NSW with the persons who are under the age of 18.

If your charged with a 220.44 what are you being charged with?

Under New York Law you have been charged with selling drugs near a school

What can a president or vice president be charged with under the constitution?

They can be charged with anything anyone else can be charged with. Legally speaking, they are in no way above the law.

Can you get charged for hiding my son who is under arrest?


Who can be charged with a perjury for lying under oath?


Under what condition might an individual be charged under treasonable felony?

Planning a revolution;)

If you are blind and you have a eye dog is allow to a restaurant?

Yes , a seeing eye-dog is acceptable in a restaurant under the "Americans with Disability Act" (ADA) . You may want to call the restaurant ahead of time .

Can some one bring their own wine into a restaurant that serves wine and be charged a corkage fee?

It's up to the restaurant in most places whether they allow this or not, so check with them before trying it. It is actually illegal to bring your own wine into a restaurant in MA that has a liquor license. If the restaurant does not have a license, it is up to the city or town to grant a BYOB license.

Looking for restaurant equipment or supplies from places that have closed their doors?

Just a suggestion, under the answer section up top search 'restaurant equipment'. There is someone who is looking to sell their used restaurant equipment. Hope this helps.

Is there a bac for under 21?

BAC legal driving limits are the same for minors (under 21) as for adults. The only difference is that if you are under 21, in addition to being charged with a DUI or DWI you will also be charged for underage drinking. My suggestion to you is don't drink until you are 21, and always have a sober driver. In Oregon you will be charged for DUI under 21 if you have ANY measurable amount of alcohol in your blood.