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The most unhealthy item is the deluxe breakfast, which is about 1300 calories, and something like 80 grams of fat. :o !! I think it comes with 2 pancakes, hashbrown, sausage, egg and biscuit. I work there but i never eat there...wonder why...

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Q: What is the most unhealthy item that McDonald's serves?
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What is the most common family restaurant in the US?

McDonalds...unhealthy but a proven fact.

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What is the most unhealthy fast food restaurant?

Probably mcdonalds, but that really depends on the restaurant in particular

What is the most unhealthy thing on the McDonald's Menu?

i am a mcdonalds manager and i would say the most unhealthy thing on the menu would be nothing!!!! too much of anything can be bad though!

What was McDonald's most popular item on its menu in 1937?

I don't believe McDonalds was around in the 30's.

What is the second most common item ordered at Mcdonalds?

For Breakfasts - Hash Browns For Meals - French Fries

What was the Mcdonalds most popular item on the menu in 1937?

regular cheese burger, fries, and a milkshake regular cheese burger, fries, and a milkshake

What item sold at McDonald's is resinsible for 40 percent of there profits?

There is no one item that is resinsible for 40% of McDonalds' profits. The Big Mac is McDonalds iconic burger this along with the cheeseburger are the highest selling burgers. Fries and Coke are the most brought items. However this varies from store to store. If one item had to stand out more than others I would say that price goes to Fries. EVERY value meal comes with fries (after 10:30am) and people do tend to buy them seperatly quite often too. McDonalds french fries are after all 'The worlds favourite fries'.

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There are many types of food that are unhealthy, but there really isn't a "most unhealthy" food.