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Though corn oil is almost all triglyceride, there are several different fatty acids in it, and that makes approximating a molecular weight difficult. Use the link and check out the three basic ones and link to their chemistry to obtain numbers. Then average them out. How is all this linking possible? Because our friends at Wikipedia have done all the work for us. And for free, too. (Note that the different fatty acids are named and that each name is also a hyperlink to the article on that fatty acid.)

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Q: What is an approximate molecular weight for corn oil?
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What is the molecular weight of palm stearin?

The approximate molecular weight of palm stearin, which is a mixture of triglycerides derived from palm oil, ranges from 800 to 900 g/mol. This molecular weight can vary depending on the specific composition of fatty acids present in the palm stearin.

What is the average molecular weight of mobiltherm 603 oil?

The average molecular weight of Mobiltherm 603 oil is about 300-400 g/mol.

What is molecular number for kapok seed oil?

The molecular formula for kapok seed oil is C57H108O6.

What is molecular weight of SAE 40 oil?

Manufacturers mix various oils to make an 'SAE 40' oil product. Such a mixture will not have a molecular weight.

What is the Molecular weight of linseed oil?

Since linseed oil is a naturally occurring product it will not have a specific molecular weight. I will depend on the composition of fatty acids which can be quite difference from crop to crop or even within the same "jar" of linseed oil. Also raw linseed oil is a mixture of triglycerides with some free fatty acids. In other words linseed oil is not a pure chemical but a mixture of many compounds. When using linseed oil in chemical reactions such as making alkyds a molecular weight of about 890 to 900 will usually work well.

What is the molecular weight of motor oil?

motor oil has got a boiling point/brake down point of lubricating oil to be 300-370 degrees Celsius. once it has boiled it loses its lubricating properties.

What is the molecular weight of palm oil?

The average molecular weight of Palm oil varies from 810 to 855 grams per mole. Palm kernel oil is closer to 682 grams per mole (more stearic acid).

What is the formula for corn oil?

Chemical elements have symbols. Corn oil is composed of complex molecules. It has no chemical symbol. Additionally, it has no one chemical formula. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on triglyceride, which is what most (99%) of corn oil is. The molecular formulae are posted there.

What is corn oil made out of?

corn oil is made out of germ of corn.

What is more volatile vegetable oil or ethyl alcohol?

Vegetable oil, CAS # 9083-41-4, has a molecular weight of approximately 860 g/mol, and is far less volatile than the relatively tiny ethyl alcohol molecule, which has a molecular weight of approximately 46 g/mol. A larger molecular such as vegetable oil takes more energy in order for it to phase transition from the liquid state to a gaseous state.

Does corn oil have any type of glucose?

Corn oil is all fat. There are no glucose sugars in corn oil or any other oil.

Which oil is more dense Extra virgin or corn oil?

corn oil is more dense