Zheng He is famous for what?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Zheng He is famous for his initiative to help extend Chinese commercial and maritime influence. He was a diplomat and an admiral.

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Q: Zheng He is famous for what?
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How did Zheng He become famous?

why did zheng he want to discover the places that he didwhy did zheng he want to discover the places that he did

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What was the name if ming china's most famous explorer?

Zheng He

When was Zheng Zheng born?

Zheng Zheng was born on 1989-07-11.

Ancient explorer of Ancient China?

Zheng He was the famous Chinese explorer, mariner and fleet admiral who made journeys to East Africa and South Asia. Zheng He was also known by the name of Cheng Ho.

What has the author Yijun Zheng written?

Yijun Zheng has written: 'Zheng He quan zhuan'

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Ma he-Is it cheng ho or zheng he?

IS Zheng He His birth name was Ma He, but the Chinese emperor changed it to Zheng He.

What does zheng he mean?

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