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Piccola Pupa

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Q: Young female Italian singer who sang volare on the Danny thomas show?
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Italian song lamore oh oh oh oh?

its singed by dean martin and the song is called Volare

Who sings Volare in Barilla commercial?

I emailed the Barilla company and found out that it is Andrea Bocelli singing Volare in the English commercial...but their response told me that he made it exclusively for Barilla...I don't know if that means its not going to be available now or never but hopefully he will record the whole version of the song and put it on his next CD or something.

What nicknames did Luciano Pavarotti go by?

Giuseppe Verdi went by Il Sovrano (the Sovereign).

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The cast of The Flight of the Swan - 2011 includes: Dimitris Alexandris as Dimitris Antonis Antoniou as Tragic father Angelos Antonopoulos as Mayor Tom Frederic as Socrates Petros Fyssoun as President of USA Larry Hagman as Corporate President Stratos Kaniamos as Aris Vicky Koumoutsou as Eleni Alexandros Logothetis as Stelios Betty Maggira as Vicky Dimitris Makalias as Fivos Costis Malkotsis as Daras Vassilis Mavromatis as London Vice-President Colm Meaney as Giannopolus Ieroklis Michaelidis as Torturer Despina Mirou as Tragic mother Pepi Monia as Dr. Ioannou Georgina Rylance as Anna Alexia Terezaki as Athina Thanasis Tsaltabasis as Bartender Giannis Vouros as Minister of Justice Alicia Witt

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The Italian poet Thomas Leoncini has written "Let your soul fly" (Fai volare tua anima) and "The portraits of life." In Italy Thomas Leoncini is successful. This is the American fanclub:

Is por ti volare Italian or Spanish?


What type of food is served at the Volare restaurant in Chicago?

The Volare is a famous restaurant in Chicago that was established in 1997. It is designed to look like an old world Italian restaurant and specialises in the finest traditional Italian cuisine.

Is the song Volare Spanish or Italian origin?

The song, Volare (meaning "To fly"), was also known as Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (meaning "In the Blue Painted Blue"), was written in Italian in 1957 by Dominico Modugno and Franco Migliacci.

Italian song lamore oh oh oh oh?

its singed by dean martin and the song is called Volare

What is the birth name of Lorna Volare?

Lorna Volare's birth name is Volare, Lorna.

What was that Italian live action and animation movie Valoro Veloro or Volero Volero?

The title is Volere Volare. You can find out more on

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1979 Plymouth Volare?

Yes, I have a 1979 Plymouth Volare. How may I help you?

Fly in Latin?

Volans for flying (as a participle).Volare - to fly.

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Volare - 2012 was released on: USA: January 2012