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you can wite from right to left with your left hand while writing left to right with your hand what does that mean

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Q: You can write from right to left with your left hand While writing left to right with your right hand What does that mean?
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What are theAdvantages of writing with left hand?

The advantages are when you write in Arabic you don't smudge your writing, whereas if you write with the right hand the writing will smudge.

What hand does Cameron quiseng write with?

He plays guitar with his right hand and I have seen a few pictures of him writing with his right hand so... I assume he is right handed.

What hand does Zachary Gordon write with?

Zachary Gordon uses his left hand when writing.

What hand does Will Smith write with?

the opposite hand of the one holding his piece.

What hand does janet jackson write with?

Well in poetic justice I saw her writing with her left hand so maybe she's left handed

Which hand do most people write with there left hand or there right hand?

Most people write with there right hand.

What hand does Shakira write with?

Shakira is definitely LEFT handed. you can see it while she plays guitar ...

Which hand does Lady Gaga write with?

She writes with her left hand. In her music video 'Under the Sheets' she's sitting against a bed in the background and is writing with her left hand.

Does Zayn Malik write with his right or left hand?

Right hand

What hand does Zak Bagans write with?

He writes with his right hand.

I'm right handed and I started writing and using my left hand it feels more comfy but will I be able to write with my right again or will I forget?

I don't believe that you will forget how to write with your right hand after using your left. This task is stored in your memory. It may feel awkward at first but you will soon catch on again.

Why cant you write with your left hand?

Well when I was 11, I started writing with my right handed because I was left handed before. It took 3 months to get it perfect like my left hand did. I had a lot of patience and I wrote paragraphs everyday to train my right hand. Now I can write with both hands but my left hand still writes better