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Edward would never regret meeting Bella. The only way that would happen was if he did end up killing her. Bella is the ONLY female who has ever touched Edward's heart and in over 100 years that says a lot.

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Q: Would Edward regret meeting Bella
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Does edward wont Bella to have a baby?

At first, he wants Bella to have an abortion because he was afraid of what would happen. But Bella refuses and has Rosalie protect her..but then, as he can start to hear the baby inside Bella, he really wants to be a father and have the baby, but it could kill Bella......

Why does edward want Bella to stay human?

because he doesn't want Bella to feel pain when she gets changed into a vampire and he doesn't want her to lose her soul. also he is worried when he changes her he won't be able to stop and he is worried he is going to kill her.

What would have happened if Bella Swan married Jacob Black instead of Edward Cullen?

If Bella picked Jacob, she would not be a vampire, not have Renesme, or become a vampire. Edward may not be able to appear in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga as much. Some of the fans of her books would be bummed that Bella ended up with Jacob. Edward is her soulmate and it was made very clear that they were supposed to end up together.

Could Jacob kill edward?

yes Jacob could kill edward but he cant because then Bella would hate him forever and they would never be friends again and Bella would go all crzy again like she did in new moon so yea he could kill edward

Why is Bella lying to edward in breaking dawn around the time when Bella finds the note in the ottage from Alice?

She doesn't want Edward to know that she is trying to save them. Alice left the note there for only Bella to see. If Edward knew that she was trying to save Renesmee, he would say it was too dangerous and wouldn't let her.

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Did edward love Bella when she was pregnant?

edward loved Bella when she was pregnant but he was worried that she would die and that he would lose Bella forever

What if Bella was a vampire before Twilight?

Then there would be no twilight ,the whole story of twilight is Bella wants to be a vampire so bad. Also the book's and film's are mainly about Bella meeting Edward then finding out he is a vampire, then she is wanting to be a vampire . Also the whole Jacob Edward love triangle.

Does Edward like kissing Bella?

edward loves kissing bella read eclipse would you.

Why did Edward have to get the baby out of Bella?

Edward had to get the baby out of Bella because the baby would have suffocated no matter what.

What is the main theme of Twilight?

A mortal human (bella swan) falls deeply in love with a vampire (Edward Cullen) Its a VERY good book you would not regret reading the serries

Do edward and Bella stay affectionate and loving after her change?

i think lol im not sure, but im sure because edward would do anything for bella and bella would do anything for edward, they are so in love

What do you think Edward would have done if he had been there when Bella jumped of the cliff?

Edward would have jumped off the cliff to save Bella

If Jacob never met Bella would Bella feel the same about edward?

Yes, she met Jacob after Edward and fell in love with Jacob only after Edward and Bella were engaged...

Why does Edward Cullen say it will be if i never existed to Bella?

Edward says this because he believes that Bella's life would have been easier and safer if she had never met him. He is expressing his guilt and regret over the dangers she faces by being part of his world of vampires.

Which quote is from New Moon I was with Edward in my happy place If I was in hell you would not be with me Edward I know who I cannot live without?

If i was in hell you would not be with me. this is when Bella wakes up the morning after meeting the Volturi in Italy and sees Edward when he has been gone for months. The first quote " I was with Edward in my happy place." Is in Breaking Dawn Alice says to Bella, "Go to your happy place Bella. It won't take long" Bella says she didn't think about being to young or tripping on her train or even the chair that her lost werewolf friend should be. Because she was with Edward.

Bella from twilght's thought about Edward?

Bella loves Edward with all her heart and soul and she doesnt care that he is a vampire. Bella would do anything for Edward even if it means becoming a vampire.

What would happen if Edward left Bella a second time?

if Edward left Bella she would probably go crazy and if he came back yell at him for leaving her