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Q: Works of art that use variations of one hue are referred to as?
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Light against dark or dark against light create visual difference in?


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What is the mock hunt in Lord of the Flies?

mock hunt means a way of hunting in which acting like mock,and create voices like hue,haw etc. during this hunting they make fun and play in uncivilized way and not showing any manners.

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Le Huu Nghi, also known as Quang Le, was born on the 24th of January, 1981. He was born in Vietnam, and speaks mostly the 'Hue' dialect of Vietnamese, but can also speak the 'Nam' and 'Bac' dialect of the language as well.

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When something lacks hue it is referred to as?


What is a sentence with the word hue?

hues' can be fun to learn about in art.

Art definition of hue?

Three Primary ColorsThree Secondary ColorsSix Tertiary ColorsMakes a hue which is also called color wheel

The branch of science that deals with color?

The branch of science that develops and works with colours is called chromatics. This branch deals with the naming and development of new colours. This field deals with the perceptions of colour appearance, hue variations and even the chemical combinations that create the colours that we see in our world today.

When a painting or other work of art is designed almost entirely in one hue or color its color scheme is said to be?


What is the color hue mean?

the coler hue means diffrent shades hue is not a coler another word for hue;shades

What happens when you mix a hue with its compliment?

Mixing a hue with its compliment dulls the hue, or lowers its intensity. the more compliment u add to a hue, the duller the hue looks.

A sentence using hue?

The animal crackers are frosted in a pale hue. The hue of the room is ugly. I do not like the hue of my new tights. Ivanna chose her favorite hue.

How can you adjust varitions in Photoshop?

You can adjust if they are applied to Shadows, Midtones, Highlights, or the Saturation, you can adjust the strenth of each variation, you can adjust the hue of the variation, or you can adjust the brightness by using variations.

Example of hue in a sentence?

hue is a color.

What is the birth name of Albert Hue?

Albert Hue's birth name is Hue See Leong.

What is another word for hue?

A synonym for hue is color.

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