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We only know that their future selves get into a relationship with each other. We don't know if they married each other.

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We only know that in the future, Tsuna and Kyoko get into some sort of relationship. We don't know if they're married, or just boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Q: Will tsuna get married to kyoko?
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Does Tsuna ever get a girlfriend?

It is hinted that in the future, Tsuna does get together with Kyoko.

Who's girl does tsuna end up with?

We know that Tsuna eventually ends up with Kyoko.

Does kyoko like tsuna?

they say she likes him..but only as a friend...if you ask me its Tsuna who loves her not much Kyoko..but dont be sad 9527`s..there will be another lets make sure they will be close..XD

Why did kyoko call tsuna tsu-kun on reborn episode 76?

They're grown ups and probably got closer than they were in high school... cute isn't it? But none so far is mentioned that adult Tsuna and Kyoko are involve romantically or even a slightest evidence that could depict such. Unlike Ryohei and Hana who ended up together unexpectedly. So much for 10 years that passed hahaha.Answer 2: Well, you never know, she might have married him because if you realize it, Tsuna's mom calls him Tsu-kun as an act of love for her child.

What is a tsuna mi?

Tsuna-ni is a nickname, meaning "big Tsuna."

Will tsuna return in the past?

After Tsuna defeated Byakuran, he and his family returned to the past.

What episode does chrome kiss tsuna?

Chrome kisses Tsuna in episode 51 on Hitman Reborn

Who gave the hint about the burner to tsuna in Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Haru helped Tsuna with the X-burner.

In hitman reborn does Tsuna get a pet?

Yes, he gets a pet called Nuts or Na-tsu, which is obviously Tsuna backwards.

Does tsuna always be reborned in underwear?

Yes, when Tsuna is hit by the Dying Will bullet, he always "reborns," therefore leaving him in only his underwear.

Will Tsuna defeat Byakuran?

Tsuna might not fight Byakuran at all. Uni clearly stated that she was the only one to defeat him and Tsuna in the future was either dead or in the time machine. Well, in the manga he is already fighting him and almost half dead.. Byakuran is way to strong.. [SPOILER ALERT] you have been warned Tsuna does in fact defeat(more like pulverizes) Byakuran and in the latest release Tsuna and his Family have returned to past, also the future Tsuna never died he was put into a special state that gave his enemies the impression of him being dead, so that the Vongola or any of Byakuran's opponents could have an upper hand.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kyoko - 1997?

The cast of Kyoko - 1997 includes: Kyoko Ono