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Yes they are. Producers are going to make it. Producers are fighting over it.

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No, currently the rights aren't being sold to be turned into a movie.

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Q: Will they make Hush Hush into a movie?
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When is the sequel of hush hush coming out?

i am 99% sure they will make a hush hush movie and it will come out in 1989

Is there going to be a movie for hush hush?

Probably not, but there will be a second book

When is the movie Hush Hush going to come out?

In 2010 roughly

When will there be a movie to Hush Hush book series?

There is no movies currently in the making or planning stage for the hush hush book series.

What year was the movie hush hush sweet charlotte made?


Who plays Nora in hush hush?

i dontthink tey made a movie outof it yet

What is that one scary movie with Bette Davis in the 1960s?

Hush Hush sweet charlett

Hush in a sentence?

Here are three examples:Hush! The baby is sleeping!Hush! You are making too much noise!Hush! We are trying to watch the movie!

Is beca fitzpatricks book hush hush being made into a movie?

I think that it might because the book is really good. But, not alot of people know about it. So when more people know about it they might make it a movie. And then maybe the second book!

Who won an Oscar for Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte?

No one. The movie was nominated for seven Academy Awards, but did not win any.

How do you use hush up in a sentence?

Example sentence - The young mother told her small child to hush up during the movie.

How do you make hush plural?

The word 'hush' is a verb (hush, hushes, hushing, hushed) and a noun, an uncountable noun, a word for silence. Silence cannot be counted.