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from looking throughout the internet it is very possible for a goonies 2

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2009 this summer and it's going to be so cool because the goonies is my best movie check on YouTube

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Q: Will there be another Goonies movie?
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In the movie goonies who says Goonies never say die?

Mikey Walsh

What is the oldest kids movie?

It was the Goonies

When did Goonies the movie release?


Who directed the Goonies movie?

Richard Donner.

Zac Efron favorite movie?

the goonies

Data sloth chuck and Andy are from which movie?

The Goonies

What' the name of the movie where kids look for gold?

The Goonies!

What is dougie poynters favorite movie?

Dougie Poynter's favourite movie is 'The Goonies'.

Was Elijah Wood in the movie The Goonies?

No, he was not. However, Sean Astin who starred with Elijah in the Lord of the Rings played Mikey Walsh in The Goonies.

Data Sloth Chuck Andy Mouth are from what movie?

The Goonies.

When will Thundercats the movie be out and also Goonies 2?

Neither movie has set a release date.

What was Logan lerman's favorite movie as a kid?

The Goonies, this was his favorite movie as a child and still is to this day.