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I asked Ben Kerfoot on facebook, if there will be a series 5 of MI High and he replyed = I can't really tell, I am guessing there will be a series 5 because on the MI High website on CBBC it says "New Series starts - 5TH January next year.

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Q: Will there be a series 5 of mi high?
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What will happend in mi high series 5?

There is going to be a series 5 of Mi High but you will just have to wait and see.

When 5 series of MI HIGH will premiere?

10th January 2011 :D

When is the new series of M.I.High on tv?

The new series 5 of MI High will begin on the "5th of Jan 2011".

Do Oscar and Avril kiss in mi high?

Yes,in series 5:the b team

Is there going to be MI HIGH series in January?

Yes there will be :)

Will there be a 6th series of Mi High?

early 2013

How old is daisy in mi high?

Series 1- 13 Series 2- 14

When does series 5 of MI High start?

The first goes on air on the 10th January 2011 at 5:15 and is 25 minutes long but is followed by the second in the series as it is going on air for the first time

Will there be a seventh series of mi high?

yes early 2014

Is there going to be an mi high series 7?

yes there will be one

Will mi high be on in 2010?

MI High will be on in 2010 for series 4, in January but if you missed it then follow this link

How can you get MI High DVDs?

The only DVD of MI High that you can get is "Series 1" and you only get the first five episodes of MI High on the DVD. THE EPISODES THAT ARE ON THE DVD ARE: 1) The Sinister Prime Minister 2) Eyes on the stars 3) The Power Thief 4) The Big Freeze 5) Nerd Alert