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Yes they make fount of Freddy vs Jason and it rated R

So watch it on youtub it will tell you more.

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Yes they make fount of Freddy vs Jason and it rated R

So watch it on youtub it will tell you more.

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Q: Will there be a sequel to 2013's Epic?
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Does Amy and Roger's epic detour have a sequel?

No, This awesum book doesn't hav a sequel..........

Will they make an epic 2 movie?

I hate to say this, but may be no. For movies to have a sequel, it should be a hit. However, Epic only gross $250M, ($350M atleast to guarantee a sequel for animated movies). I really like Epic. It is indeed epic, I don't know why some people don't like it, but for me it is finest animation since 2010 (year of great animation, e.g Toy Story 3, HTTYD). Maybe if Epic wins a oscars, then it will have a sequel

Is there going to be a sequel to epic mickey?

I think so, it was planned to be a trilogy. In epic mickey 2, i think you can play as oswald as well.

What happened after epic mickey?

We Don't Know yet But Warren Wants To Make A Sequel.

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That would be The Lord of the Rings. It continues the saga of the One Ring. There are a couple of 'prequel' books including the Silmarillion.

Is there an PC version of Epic Mickey?

No only a wii version. But if the game sells very well (which i think it might) they might make a sequel to it for other systems. But don't get your hopes down.

What AND HOW MANY are the books in The Iliad?

Uh just one, but it does have kind of a sequel. The Odyssey and I say kind of because they are both stand alone epic poems. You can read one with out having read the other.

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What is the odyssey a sequel to?

"The Odyssey" is a sequel to "The Iliad," both epic poems attributed to the ancient Greek poet Homer. "The Iliad" focuses on the Trojan War, while "The Odyssey" follows the journey of Odysseus as he tries to return home after the war.