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well i dnt think he will become good cuz prettty much hes been pretty evil...but that's just MY

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Q: Will the fox in Naruto ever turn good?
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How do you get naruto to turn into nine tailed fox mode 4 on naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 4 tails Naruto nine tailed fox?

u cant turn naruto into the nine tailed fox only one tailed naruto you can turn into the one tailed naruto by presing SELECT

Does naruto turn into the ninetail fox when he fights for isaribi?


How do you turn into fox on Naruto chl?

its hard to icsplane

What episode will Naruto turn into 4 tailed fox?


Are there any good fanfics where Naruto is half fox?

Not really there isn't really a half fox naruto ether

Was naruto born a the nine tailed fox or was he born and the fox was placed in him?

When Naruto's mother was pregnant of him she was the nine tailed fox's host and Naruto was with it ever since he was existed and then he became the host when the fourth hokage placed it into him when his mother and the fourth died...

How do you turn fox in Naruto vs bleach?

hold jk together

How can you turn into nine tailed fox in Naruto FB2?

Press b for bacon

Does Sakura ever meet the nine tailed fox?

Not really, she has just seen Naruto partly transform into the fox

Does Naruto ever almost die when in fox form?

Yes when he was fight Pain

Will Naruto defeat Sasuke?

if NARUTO can turn into the 9tail fox he will defeat SASUKE and if he can also train well without using the 9tail fox chakra he might have a chance of defeating SASUKE

Will the nine tails fox ever die?

no it will never die until naruto is dead