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im sorry but no he carnt he is goin out with me xx hahaha lol (not ) he is goin out with rosie Sampson george sampsons sister and is he was goin to go 0out with anone else it would be me or ma cousin so hahaha lol ROSIE SAMPSON U G L Y

no need to talk to me like that me not ugly you just jealous that you not got him in your arms

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Q: Will perri kiely go out with you?
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What school does perri kiely go?

Gable Hall school

Does grace go to perri kiely's school?

i think so.

What is perri kiely mother's name?

Christine kiely.

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Has perri kiely ever kissed a girl?

perri kiely is so hot and sexy and everything else but he is young so probaly no

What is perri kiely sisters called?

Starr is Perri's biolgical sister. Elvie is Perri's Stepsister

What school did Perri Kiely go to?

Gable hall school in Essex

How old is Perri Kiely?

Perri Kiley is 15 and his birthday is on the 15 of December 1995

Who does perri kiely fancy?

his girlfriend Grace!

Where about does perri luc kiely live?