Will nupur come back to mjht?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i do think she;ll come as they have not shown her dead till now..SBS of 7th June (you cn use YouTube to search that episode out) said that "who know if she returns with a new look n blows off others' minds"..i think its a yes..i am die hard lover of mayank n nupur n want nupur tears should not go in vain :'( fingers crossed..! :)

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Q: Will nupur come back to mjht?
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Is nupur really not nupur in mjht?

she is nupur only but she is behaving as if she is some one else

Will rati pandey will come back in mjht?

rati panday should be back

Is mjht ending?

its already done and it was on November 18, 2010 where samrat and gunjan gets married adn take their vows and also nupur is having a twin boys and they all describes their college life and then the show ends with the sweet mjht title song

When is mjht going 2 get over?

I think it will end till last week of June because on 1 June someone is going to die from Gunjan,Samrat,Mayank, Nupur

What does Hindu name Nupur mean?


How tall is Nupur Rathore?

Nupur Rathore is 5' 3".

What is the story of MJHT?

Miley Jab Hum Tum is a story of 2 girls from Morela (Nupur and Gunjan). They come to Mumbia, Excel college and live with their cousins (Uday and Diya). In the college they met 2 boys (Mayank and Samrat). Mayank and Nupur start of as project partners while Gunjan and Samrat start off as good friends. But then later on in the story Mayank and Samrat fall in love with Nupur and Gunjan. Then, Suhani, Samrat's younger sister arrives, hoping that she could get back the brother that she had lost while their parents were getting divorced. Adiraj arrives with a marriage proposal for Nupur but, Nupur wants to marry Mayank and so does he. Eventually Adiraj thinks that Suhani is Nupur and they both fall in love. But, when Adiraj finds out about Suhani, he is really upset. Later on he starts liking her again. While Suhani and Adiraj are together Gunjan gets shot and dies but, somehow she is still alive. But, her legs get paralyzed. When Gunjan recovers, all the girls find out that the guys are dealing with a baby. Girls get really upset. At the end it turns out that none of the guys are responsible for the baby. Later on, Samrat proposes Gunjan and she says yes. After they get engaged, Mayank, Nupur, Samrat and Gunjan experince a bad acciedent. (End of Season 1) All 3 of them think that Samrat is responsible for Nupur's death. Samrat tries really hard to get Gunjan and Mayank back. But, only Mayank ends up forgiving Samrat. Gujan is still upset about Nupur's death and Samrat and Mayank are trying their hardest to get Gunjan to forgive Samrat and fall in love with him again. On the other hand there are 3 other characters. Ash is a Tomboy and she lives with Gunjan. Rohan, he really likes Ash but, Ash only thinks of him as a friend. Riya, Rohan's younger sister like Mayank, even though Mayank is her professor.

When will miley jab hum tum season 3 start?

MJHT 3 will not start ever. The star cast are joining other serial as for example gunjan- iss pyar ko kya naam dun mayank- punjabi movie nupur- hitlar didi samrat- khamoshiyaan at star plus (coming soon)

How is sheena of mjht?

simply worstttttttttt..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the designer of Gunjan's dresses in MJHT?


Which of these ornament is wear in foot?


Who won in spellbound?

Nupur Lala