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If your talking about Tobi, who claimed he was madara, Then yes he is currently fighting him with Kyuubi Kurama's chakra, as of the latest chapter 596.

Madara, however turned out to be dead, so tobi isn't Madara. (ch. 564 pg. 12)

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Supposedly Naruto and Sasuke team up to take Madara (Tobi) down.

then what I've heard is that Naruto dies and (i think) Sakura brings him back to life.

then (i think) Sasuke dies and Naruto uses the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit to save him.

after that Sasuke is taken back to the village Hidden in the Leaves. Naruto becomes the 6th Hokage and Sasuke is his helper

.and NO he does NOT marry Sakura

.and NO Naruto does NOT marry Hinata

.Sasuke gets married to Naruto.JKJK!

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Yes he will it's on yutobe

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Q: Will naruto turn nine tails figthing madara?
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How did naruto's mom die?

she was the jinchuriki before naruto and she had nine tails sealed in her and that seal gets weaker during child birth and madara was waiting for that to happen but lord forth had to try to keep nine tails from coming out when he was doing madara stopped him and nine tails came out and she started to die and lord forth was going to seal nine tails inside of naruto when nine tails saw him. he was going to stab naruto with his claws when his mom jumped in front of it so she died from that to

Who will win at manga Naruto or Sasuke?

Naruto has beaten sasuke in a fight(without the help of The Nine Tails) but Madara and another akatsuki came and saved him.

Is Naruto stronger than Tobi?

Yes, in terms of overall power and abilities, Naruto is considered stronger than Tobi. Naruto has the power of the Nine-Tails fox within him, along with various powerful techniques and transformations, while Tobi relies more on his intelligence and the use of advanced ninja technology.

How you do the nine tails in Bleach vs naruto V0.95?

bleach doesnt have Nine Tails. That is naruto

Is kushina Uzumaki still alive?

No, she died after the nine-tails was forcefully stolen from her by Madara Uchiha and after Minato had sealed most of her chakras into their newborn son, Naruto.

How did Kushina Uzumaki die?

She died when Madara took the nine-tails that was sealed within her and used it to destroy Konoha, but then Minato stopped him and sealed the nine-tails in Naruto. Kushina's chakras were also sealed into Naruto for when Naruto decides to control the kyubi. (Kushina's appearance and talks about what happened 16 years ago, Shippuuden Ch. 499-501)

Will Naruto defeat pein?

Naruto would defeat Pein. Because when he is in Sage Mode + 8 Tails, Pein could hardly fend off. Pein was forced to run when Naruto went 8 Tails, so when the manga has finished, more definite answers, it should be published. But my conclusion is Naruto defeats Pein. Naruto wont defeat him Madara Uchiha will because Madara is the only person to face the nine tailed fox by himself and live.

What have nine heads and nine tails?

Nine toads Naruto summoned and Naruto's Jinchuriki.

Who summoned the nine tailed fox when naruto was born?

uchiha madara

Who is the ninja that was controlling the nine tails?

Uchiha Madara, bit of a spoiler IMO

In Naruto is there a secret episode in japan where Naruto goes 10 tails?

no there is only nine tails and naruto doesnt hate sasuke

Why 4th Hokage sealed nine-tailed beast is naruto Uzumaki?

Minato realized that the man who attacked Konoha using 9-tails is Madara Uchiha though he was in doubt because he did not beleived Madara to be alive but anyways he did seal the fox in his own son to make him able to face madara one day or to resist any such attack again and to make his son stronger and village's hero. anyways the task to prevent madara getting hold of 9-tails lies on naruto's shoulders now!