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Why would Sakura join the Akatsuki? If she found out about the Kyuubi, Shukaku, or Nibi, she wouldn't be interested. The answer is no, she doesn't join the Akatsuki. That's such a foolish question (no offense).

obviously not

I hope not!

No. Naruto is her friend, and the Kyuubi container, (Nine tails) which the Akatsuki are aiming to capture. Spoiler: All the jinchuuriki make up 10 tails. They plan on wiping out the world, and creating 'World Peace'. Back to the question. No, she killed Sasori No Akasuna with Granny Chiyo. She hates the Akatsuki, and if you read the manga, practically nearly all of the Akatsuki are killed. Only Zetsu and Tobi are left. Well, Hidan was cut into pieces and is... alive? He is slowly dying, but he is still alive. Anyways, Sakura will not join the Akatsuki. Buuut, there are fanfictions and stories etc. about it.

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I am pretty sure that is false. Naruto would never join the Akatsuki and betray his village. Especially with his dream of hokage in the way, he is very serious about that. Especially since the Akatsuki are after the nine-fox inside of him? I'm pretty sure he would not. They would probably kill him to seal the nine tails before he could join.

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Naruto will not join Akatsuki he wanted to save Konoha not to destroy it

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Q: Will naruto join akatsuki where as their are many rumors about this that he will join?
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