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Q: Will linda McMahon bring chyna back to raw?
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Will vince McMahon bring chyna back?


Is chyna coming back to WWE?


Is chyna coming back with Triple H?


Who dated Eddie Guerrero When he Was young?

He dated Chyna back in what was then called WWF.

Will Shane McMahon come back to WWE?

Mr. Mc Mahon is old and will not be showing up in WWE. He has left the job to his daughter and son.= WRONG Vince McMahon is still chairman and CEO of the WWE and he does many things on Friday Night Smack Down. Linda McMahon is another CEO of the WWE and so far it's come as quite a shock that Shane McMahon quit. Rumor has it he quit because he was not receiving the funds necessary to keep his family financially happy. At this point, we are unsure if Shane 'O Mac will ever return to the WWE. We in the WWE Universe, dearly hope so...

Is Vince McMahon bringing back WCW?


When is Stephanie McMahon coming back from injury?

After the RKO to Stephanie McMahon, it is currently unknown long she will be out injured for.

Is Stephanie McMahon hemsley retiring from WWE?

no she is comming back

Is Chyna in TNA?

She appeared once but when TNA officials got word of her porn career, they never asked her back.

When was Bring Back... created?

Bring Back... was created in 2005.

Vince McMahon when is he coming back?

in 2 more weeks of raw hesback

Why did WWE go from 14 to pg?

because they wanted more viewers to see the show and they did it for the ratings cheap skates One thing I noticed: The PG format came back right around the time Linda McMahon decided to run for Congress in the state of Connecicut. HMMM!!