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ANSWER: Well, it depends but the answer is mostly likely NO. He said in his song 'Careful What You Wish For' that he doesn't read all of his letters. I doubt he reads any of his letters.

If you think about it, he probably gets tons of mail from his millions of fans.... I expect that he reads a few just to make someones day. Put a lot of meaning into it and make it stand out from the others, don't put stuff in saying "your the best" you know what im sayin? I guess if you send some like every week with stuff, he might reply.... it's beyond me but that's probably how it happens.

Many celebrities hire people to respond to letters, pretending to be them. However, considering Eminem has a "I don't care" attitude (See "The Way I Am") I doubt he does this.

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he hasn't replies to mine yet but i keep getting different addresses so im emailing all of them until i get one back

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Q: Will eminem write back if i write to him?
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