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yes ofcourse

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Q: Will arnav singh raizada start loving khushi kumari gupta?
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Why is Arnav Singh Raizada so hot?

Because he was born like that! :P

When was Arnav born?

13 March,2003

Are khushi and arnav married in real life?

No they are not married suhasi{abha} is married to jay dhami and karan is single

Will Arnav escape from Shyaam's place in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Yes! He will escape with Khushi and Shyaam will be slapped and out of the house for good! June 30 2012 watch, Anjali will find a new guy and marry him but he will be on Shyaam's side and take REVENGE thats what I think will happen maybe not sure so it probably will happen if it does I am gonna watch it every day! It will be a long story when they realize that he is Shyaams partner so he will get kicked out but then Anjali mom comes back and brings a boy for Anjali and the story continues.

What actors and actresses appeared in Chalte Chalte - 2007?

The cast of Taare Zameen Par - 2007 includes: Ayaan as Ishaan Awasthi - 10 months Jadav as Musician at Mela Vitthal as Musician at Mela Vivekanandan as Telephone Operator Abhishek Bachchan as himself Megha Bengali as Mrs. Karnik Bugs Bhargava as Sen Sir Alorika Chatterjee as Science Teacher Gurkirtan Chauhan as Housemaster Tanay Chheda as Rajan Damodaran Tisca Chopra as Maya Awasthi Sanjay Dadich as Maadhoo Madhav Datt as Loo Bully Sachet Engineer as Yohan Awasthi Aniket Engineer as Young Yohan Awasthi Raaj Gopal Iyer as George Sir Krishn Gopinath as Satyajit Bhatkar Munireh Guhilot as Dorm Parent Ramit Gupta as Ranjeet Aamir Khan as Ram Shankar Nikumbh Ravi Khanvilkar as Mr. Holkar Brihan Lamba as Arun Poddar Meghna Malik as Victoria Teacher Veer Mohan as Ishaan Awasthi - 2 yrs. Sonali Sachdev as Irene Teacher Shankar Sachdev as Tiwari Sir Darsheel Safary as Ishaan Awasthi Vipin Sharma as Nandkishore Awasthi Arnav Valcha as Kabir Johar

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Who is responsible for Khushi humiliation in Lucknow?

Arnav Singh Raizada

Is arnav leaves the drama iss pya ko kya naam doo?

no. never. agar arnav singh raizada chorein ge ya khushi drama chore gi to sab se pehle mein yeh drama choroon ge.OK......

What is d age of arnav singh raizada?

26 approx

What is real name of arnav singh raizada?

Barun Sobti

Does khushi love arnav in is pyaar ko kya naam doon?

Yes,Khushi loves Arnav. But she doesn't understand that she loves him. But actually they both love each other. Mr. Kharus I mean Arnav also loves Khushi.

What is the real name of arnav singh raizada in iss pyar ko kya naam doon?

Barun Sobti is the real name of Arnav Singh Raizada inIss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Why is Arnav Singh Raizada so hot?

Because he was born like that! :P

What is the real name of arnav sing raizada?

Barun sobti

Who won the favorite jodi of Pantene star parivaar award?

Arnav and khushi

What is the age of arnav singh raizada?

i am not sure on the actual show, but his real name is Barun Sobti so just google his age.

How did you like arnav and khushi?

Arnav and Khushi are a very funny,well known, and loved couple. LArgely popular on the internet and in their native country of India. You can find their short videos and songs on you tube. You can also friend and follow them on popular social networks such as facebook, twitter, and myspace.

What will happen on the 12th June 2012 in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

basically khushi and arnav will unite kkl