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NO because he is just a cartoon and therefore doesn't have any real emotions.

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Q: Will Sai from naruto ever get his emotions back?
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Why does sai have no emotions?

sai has no emotions because Donzo (one of my least fav characters) trained him in the hidden mist villlage. he trained in a way to forget all his emotions. So....he cannot love ino back,or love naruto and sakura..his comrads.

Do people ever kiss on naruto Shippuden?

yes naruto and sai

Will sakura ever kiss someone?

i think she will kiss naruto or sai

Does sai like konan?

no.... why would he like Konan? its clear Naruto likes Sakura, and Sakura secretly likes Naruto back but i dont think that Sai likes Konan.

Does Sai kiss Naruto?

No. I don't think Sai and hinata have ever even met or spoken to eachother...

Does Sakura from Naruto ever go out with someone?

They really should make her but definitely not Naruto maybe Sai or if it's possible Sasuke?

Who is Sai why did he try to kill naruto?

sai is a foundation member who works for danzo currently sai is in team kakashi, and sai did not try to kill naruto he was testing his strength according to sai

Which episode does sakura slaps naruto and sai on the back?

That was in Naruto the Movie 6 - Shippūden Movie 3, Inheritors of the Will of Fire

Does sakura ever kiss sai?

no. but in volume 41, sai tries to kiss naruto. also go on youtube anf type in sai kiss naruto. if you have anymore questions, email me at lol, actually Sai wasn't trying to kiss him; he was leaning in close to comfort him and it LOOKS like he's trying to kiss him. No, Sai has no emotions, nor does he feel that way towards Sakura, even calls her "ugly", however it's more of a nickname. The same with Sakura, she does not have any feelings for him besides friendship. Sai never really tries to kiss Naruto either, as stated above. He was trying to get closer to Naruto, as he had read in a book how to get closer to friends, but because he is socially inept he does not realize what he's doing is considered awkward, or weird.

Picture of Sai from Naruto?

Is naruto stronger than sai?

Sai is no match for naruto because naruto has resagan and he has the nine-tailed fox in him. naruto can make multi clones and that takes a lot of work. naruto can turn himself into Sai by using his clone justu. So Naruto is way stronger then SAI . Sai thinks hes better than naruto but he is weak

Does Sai love Naruto?