Will Harry date a fan

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He said that he would but so far he hasnt

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Q: Will Harry date a fan
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Will Harry Styles date a fan?

maybe if it is me

Would Harry Styles add a fan on MSN?

Harry Styles has confirmed he is single and also would date a fan so he'll date a fan:)

Will harry styles ever date a 10 year old fan?


Would harry styles like or date a ten year old fan?


Does harry styles like girls that are crazy are just the way they are?

Im not compleatly sure but i know he would date a fan if he liked her he would also date a non fan

Would harry date a 13 year old girl?

Yes Harry Styles MIGHT date a 13 year old fan because he said he will ONLY date a 14 year old fan BUT if its ONLY one year less then Ofcourse he would .. hope you understand

Would Louis Tomlinson date a fan?

Yes, he would. His current girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, is a fan of One Direction. Harry introduced her to Louis.

Would harry styles ever date someone from America?

He told he would date a fan,5 years younger or older...And I think he wouldn't pick from what county..XD

When was Harry Potter Fan Zone created?

Harry Potter Fan Zone was created in 2003.

Would Harry Styles date a 13 year old?

Harry Styles said he would date a person that is at least the age of 10. I think it is very likely Harry might date a fan on their first conversation. But, he said if they were young, he would wait until he thinks they're about the age that he would ask them out on a date. He is so sweet. So the answer is yes.

When does harry date cho?

Harry and Cho date in Order of the Phoenix.

Is Harry styles fan fiction true abuot Harry?