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No, she never found out. The manga series ended years ago. Although there were many plotlines about Ryoga and Akane, and even Ryoga without Akane, she never found out that he was cursed at Jusenkyo.

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Q: Will Akane Tendo ever find out that Ryoga is actually PChan in the manga Ranma?
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When is Ranma in Akane's room?

Ranma has been in Akane's room many times like in the episode "Ryoga's Tendo dojo House guest diary" and in the episode when ranma becomes effeminate, but i especially liked the episode "ukyo's secret sauce part 1 and 2" because that was the best episode where ranma and akane had to be together in one room :) i wont spoil but that episode cracked me up (okay I'll spoil a little) because akane mistook ranma for pchan in a dream and hugged him, hahaha :D

What episode did Ranma vs Ryoga in Akane's bedroom?

I am thinking episode 10, that's where Ranma finds out Ryoga is a pig, and starts becoming Akane's pet "P-Chan". Ranma is jealous that they are going to bed, and Akane is so oblivious to the fact so Ranma sneaks in at night and trys to grab him. Hope that helps? =)

Ranma 12 Why does akane have short hair?

'Cause ryoga threw his hairband at akane while he was fighting ranma and akane tripped and the hairband cut her hair in half! Dont make a new answer or else! Comment over here if this helped_____________________.Go 2 improve answers and comment or print this out.Do not make a new answer!!!Did this help?

On the show Ranma 1 2 what episode does ryoga and ranma have flowers and tux?

I also thought that there was an episode were they were wearing a tux to marry akane, sadly it was just an OVA opening video >.< ;;; anyway the OVA is OVA 6 :D hope that helped :D

Ranma when do they become a couple?

There's an episode where they "THINK" they're in love with each other thus making them kind of a couple, the episode is lets go to the mushroom temple, when akane and ranma accidentally consume love mushrooms they fall in love with each other and ryoga and kuno try stopping them and mousse does everything in his power to stop kuno and ryoga from ruining the relationship, coz when the sun sets and ranma and akane have not yet been cured they will forever remain in love but sadly at the end nabiki tells them they are really not in love forcing them to prove it to her that they are in love and eventually consuming the cure :D awwww

Did Ryoga and Ukyo Kuonji of Ranma 1 2 ended up together?

Sadly no, when rumiko finished the manga she didnt indicate who ended up with who, (well not specifically that is) Ryoga does have a girlfriend actually, her name is Akari Unryu and she loves pigs :D she's also as clueless as ryog, oh and they also had a date, but about ryoga and ukyo they dont end up together in the anime or the manga :( well at least not yet :D lets just hope that when they decide to recontinue ranma they make ukyo and ryoga end up together :D

What word means someone who is your arch-rival?

Your greatest rival(matching?). Your true equal.Equal but opposite. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ash and Gary from pokemon would be an example of rivals. Temporary because Gary was quickly forgotten and never rise to beat Ash again. Ranma and Ryoga rival due to Ryoga determination and Ranma apathy/arrogance. Not archrival because Ryoga always have to have a superior powerup to fight equally against Ranma while Ranma is toying with him. Ryoga was never much of a threat afterwards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty arch-rivals only one to constantly fight on near equal ground with each other. While neither is holding back while both respecting each other as equals.My shadow...

Which episode was Ranma's curse revealed?

Episode 156 "Bring It On! Love as a Cheerleader - Part 2." This is were the students from Furinkan High show that they first realize that Ranma and girl Ranma are the same person, thanks being to Ranma's dad for that. Though, in the Manga, the curse is revealed when Ranma is fighting Ryoga when he first comes into the series, during a battle the water sprays Ranma, his shirt is ripped and Ryoga doesn't recognize Ranma in his girl form. This way though makes more sense and is more flowing than Hiroshi and Daisuke stating in the crowd with confusion that why is girl Ranma being addressed as "Ranma" during the cheerleading match. When Ranma fights Kodachi Kuno for the first time in the Gymnastic battle, girl Ranma uses his real name, so you'd think they'd ask when the announcer announced his name... but I think this is due to the fact that the Manga is more organized in story line than the Anime lol.

Does ranma ever get rid of the?

The question isn't finished but I assume suitors or rivals, or his curse? So I'll answer those. His suitors. Ranma likes the attention, and it fills his head that he's a lady man. Really the two suitors that get on his nerves are Kodachi and when Shampoo pounces him. No one likes being poisoned and knocked out to be taken advantage of per say, no one likes being knocked over and then get punched to the face by Akane. Ranma see's Ukyo as just his friend, and Shampoo is too stubborn to get it. Kodachi is just plain insane. Rivals. Ryoga is like Ranma frienimie, friend but enemy in the battle of love. Kuno, is pretty stupid and stubborn like his sister but not a nut case. Mousse won't back off unless Shampoo backs off from Ranma. His curse. My goodness he comes so close but, no he never cures it. He is given the Nannichuan at the very end of the Manga but it's kind of the course of the Anime/Manga he is never cured.

When was Ryoga Sekihara born?

Ryoga Sekihara was born on 1991-06-20.

Origin of the Friday of thirteeth is an unlucky day?

Ryoga Momiyama invented it Shame on Ryoga

In Ranma 1 2 why didnt any of the cursed characters bathe in Nannichuan spring or Guniangnichuan Spring the first time they went to Jusenkyo?

Genma - Panda Ranma - Girl Ryoga - Pig Shampoo - Cat Mousse - Duck Panty Hose Taro - Bull/snake/bird mix. The jusenkyo killer - Priest and there's some in the manga. One being Saffron I believe.