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It was about his car. His car is black and yellow.

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Q: Why was the song black and yellow made?
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What is Wiz Khalifa's first song he ever made?

the first song he made was black and yellow

Is the song black and yellow old or new?

Black and yellow is a newer song but not that new.

Whose song is better green and yellow or black and yellow?

black n yellow

What is wiz khalifa's favorite color?

wiz khalifa's favorite colors are green and yellow he only made the song called black and yellow to rep the burg

Does wiz khafila's black and yellow have swering in?

Yes the song black yellow swears.

What song has the lesbians in it?

Black and yellow

Is the song black and yellow about the taylors?

yes it was made for the steelers but the song was in facted about the taylors (a group that dose nothing but sit around and get hi)

What does the colors black and yellow mean?

It refers to the lyrics of a song (black & yellow) and it's the colors of the pirates. (football)

What is jasmine v favorite song?

Black and Yellow

What is the song that says rockin yellow in it?

Maybe you mean "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa?

What is the name of Wiz Khalifa CD with the song black and yellow on it?

black and yellow and yo mama

What is the song black and yellow reffering too?

The Pittsburgh Steelers