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That's so raven was cancelled because of two reasons. The first was because the actors were doing other roles. Like Raven was too busy with The Cheetah Girls. The other reason was because Cory in the House is about the dad and Cory moving to the White House. It is still the Baxters family. Just, no mom. Raven showed in one episode of Cory in the house to visit her brother and dad. That is why That's so Raven was cancelled.

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That's so Raven' was cancelled because Raven wanted to explore different avenues. Raven had different acting offers that she wanted to pursue without distractions.

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Q: Why was that's so Raven cancelled?
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Is raven still on that's so raven? was cancelled i am sad it was cancelled

Is raven still on that so raven?

no its cancelled

Who is Ronnie raven?

he is the character on thats so raven, ravens dad

There was supposed to be a That's so Raven Movie how come they cancelled it?

The show "That's So Raven" was cancelled because Orlando (Eddie Thomas) was arrested for having Marijuana.

Who plays Larry on that's so raven?

David Henry plays larry on thats so raven

Where do they film thats so raven?

i believe California,san fransico

Why doesn't thats so raven come on?

Thats So Raven comes on i think at 3pm or 2:30pm and because its an old show so it doesnt always come on. If none of these are working then it probaby moved to disney xd.

What is the first episode of thats so raven?

It's called "Test of Friendship"

Who plays Chelsea in that's so raven?

Anneliese van der Pol Played Chelsea, one of the main characters in Disney's "Thats so Raven" And Raven Baxter, Is Played by Raven Symone.

Who are in That's So Raven?

the characters in the tv show "thats so raven" are Chealsey, (played by anneliese van der Pol) Eddie, (played by Orlando Brown) Raven, (played by Raven Symone) Cory, (played by Kyle Massey) and Victor, (Raven's dad on the show played by Rondell Shieridan) - Raven

Was David Henrie on Cory in the house?

No. You are probebly thinking of "Thats so raven" where he was part of corys band.

Who is raven symone?

Raven Symone plays a number of characters on different t.v. shows. such as, THE COSBY SHOW as OLIVIA KENDALL, HANGIN' WITH MR. COOPER as NICOLE LEE, KIM POSSIBLE as MONIQUE, & THATS SO RAVEN as RAVEN BAXTER. raven symones birthday is December 10th, 1985.