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He thought there would be no mail on Sunday.

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No post on Sundays.

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Q: Why was Uncle Vernon happy when he first awoke on Sunday morning?
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How did George Harrison's parents die?

They both died of cancer; his mother Louise in 1970, and his father Harry in 1978. Harrison wrote "Deep Blue" (the B-side to "Bangla Desh") about visiting his mother in the hospital, when she was dying. Harrison and his wife Olivia later told a story, that the night Harry died, they both awoke to a strange blue light in their bedroom, and saw a vision of Harry smiling down at them.

What episode is Kagome at the Sacred Tree?

Kagome revisits the sacred tree (the Goshinboku, also called the God Tree) several times throughout the anime's run, including during the 26-episode wrap-up of the anime series, Inuyasha: Kanketsuhen (Inuyasha: The Final Act in English).Most notably, she is near it during the first several episodes of the anime, and again toward the last two episodes of The Final Act.The Sacred Tree is where Kikyo pinned Inuyasha using a sacred arrow just before her death, and where Inuyasha remained sleeping for 50 years until Kagome awoke him. It is not far from the Bone-Eater's Well, which Kagome uses to travel between the modern era and the Feudal Era. Of all the landmarks that appear in the Feudal Era, the Sacred Tree is the only one that is shown surviving to Kagome's era in modern times, and is located on her family's shrine property.

How does Bilbo Baggins still make use of his magic ring in the end of The Hobbit?

He uses the ring many times in The Hobbit. He uses it to escape from Gollum and exit the mountain, he uses it when spying on the giant spiders in Mirkwood, he uses it when the Dwarves are captured by the wood elves, and he uses it when in Smaug's lair.

What illness did Real Country DJ Kris Wilson have and is she sick again?

November 6, 2007 Kris Wilson had abdominal surgery. Less than a week later she returned to her surgeon with symptoms of infection. She was admitted to the ER where she later underwent a second surgery to determine the extent of her infection. It was discovered that bacteria, most likely C-diff, had invaded her gut and destroyed about half of the large intestine. The infected section was removed and an ileostomy was created. Because of the massive infection she had sepsis. After surgery she was kept sedated and on a ventilator in the ICU. This was to allow her body a chance to fight off the sepsis. She awoke a few days after Thanksgiving. Her surgeon, a team of gastroenterologists, infectious disease specialists, physical therapists and wound care nurses were all called on to help. She underwent 3 more operations to close her belly and was discharged three days before Christmas. Her nurse mother in law, Karen, moved in to help with her ongoing home medical care and recouperation. Kris returned to the airwaves in mid February 2008. She is recovering from her illness and is preparing for ileostomy reversal surgery in the summer of 2008. ---Kris Wilson

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What if you awoke morning to find yourself invisible?

Clearly you would not exist.

What is the simple past tense of awake?

Awoke (Example: John awoke early that morning in 1965, as bombers were soaring virtually right over his head.)

In the book westing game what dilemma did the tenants face as they awoke on the third snowbound morning?


What is Spanish word for awoke?

Se despertó - he or she awoke. Se despertaron - they awoke. Me desperté - I awoke.

Did Sally ride prepare?

Of course she prepared. It is hardly likely that she awoke one morning and NASA 'phoned and said "You are going into space this afternoon"

Is awoke an adverb?

No, awoke is a past tense verb.

How do you use the word awoke in a sentence?

He awoke with a start. The fresh air awoke the crowd and they realized they were being duped.

How can the word awoke be used in a sentence?

i awoke to the sound of screaming

When was The Man Who Awoke created?

The Man Who Awoke was created in 1933.

Is awoke adjective?

"Awoke" as in "She awoke to see the window open" is a simple past tense and participle of "awake" (and is therefore a verb).

When odysseus awoke what did he smell?

When Odysseus awoke he was smelling roasted flesh.

How do you say awoke in Spanish?

Awoke is the past tense of the verb: depertarse. To say: he awoke: El se desperto. (accent on the 'E' in el and the 'o' in despertar.)