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he got a D.U.I.

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Q: Why was Ted Dibiase Jr arrested?
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Does Ted DiBiase have a MySpace?

No, neither Ted DiBiase or Ted DiBiase Jr. have a myspace account.

What is Ted DiBiase's jr full name?

Theodore Marvin "Ted" DiBiase, Jr.

Is ted dibiase a dad of ted dibiase jr?


Are Ted Debiase and Ted Debiase Jr. related?

Yes they are related. Ted DiBiase is the father of Ted DiBiase Jr.

When was Ted DiBiase Jr. born?

Ted DiBiase Jr. was born on November 8, 1982.

What is Ted DiBiase Jr.'s birthday?

Ted DiBiase Jr. was born on November 8, 1982.

Is ted dibiase jr you any movies?

Yes, Ted DiBiase Jr. is in The Marine 2 set to be released in December of 2009

Is ted dibiase jr going to be a dad?


Does ted dibiase jr have kids?

No he doesn't

How old is Ted DiBiase?

Ted DiBiase (Sr.) is 63 years old (birthdate: January 18, 1954).Ted DiBiase Jr. was born November 8, 1982.

What is ted dibiase's real name?

His real name is Theodore Marvin Dibiase Jr.

What color hair does ted dibiase jr have?