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his descendants married into ruling families

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Q: Why was Francesco Sforza so important?
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When was Francesco I Sforza born?

Francesco I Sforza was born on 1401-07-23.

When was Francesco Sforza - il Duchetto - born?

Francesco Sforza - il Duchetto - was born in 1491.

When did Francesco Sforza - il Duchetto - die?

Francesco Sforza - il Duchetto - died in 1512.

What has the author Francesco Sforza Benevenuti written?

Francesco Sforza Benevenuti has written: 'Storia di Crema - vol. 2'

When did Francesco Sassetti die?

Pietro Francisci died in 1977.

What has the author Antonio Gianandrea written?

Antonio Gianandrea has written: 'Della signoria di Francesco Sforza nella Marca' -- subject(s): History, Sources

When was Battista Sforza born?

Battista Sforza was born in 1447.

When was Costanzo I Sforza born?

Costanzo I Sforza was born in 1447.

When was Caterina Sforza born?

Caterina Sforza was born in 1463.

When did Giovanni Sforza die?

Giovanni Sforza died in 1510.

When was Giovanni Sforza born?

Giovanni Sforza was born in 1466.

When was Alessandro Sforza born?

Alessandro Sforza was born in 1409.