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Chima was expelled from Big Brother because of her immaturity. She knew she was going to be evicted that week anyways, so she chose to break the rules. She refused to put on her microphone, and when another houseguest retrieved it for her, she threw into the hot tub, destroying it. She also obstructed the cameras, and refused to go to the diary room.

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I read that Chima was the first person in the history of Big Brother to be told to leave the show.

On Big Brother Two, there was a Houseguest named Justin Sebik, who pulled a knife out at a female houseguest, which he claimed was playfully, however the producer's did not take this lightly, and he was asked to leave the house immediately.

That was the first time in Big Brother Show history that someone was asked to leave the house.

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Q: Why was Chima expelled from Big Brother?
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