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Initially, Bilbo wanted to go on an adventure because most hobbits have not left the Shire before. But after interacting with the dwarves throughout the journey, he soon realized that he wanted to help the dwarves reclaim their home at Erebor from the dragon Smaug the Golden.

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Bilbo gains a share of the treasure in the journey to kill the Dragon Smaug, but the lake men kill the dragon themselves instead of Bilbo and his companions, he also receives a vest made of mithril that he passes on to frodo in The Fellowship Of The Ring and explains to him about how strong this vest was and can not be penetrated by a blade (shown when Frodo gets stabbed by the Troll in Moria). He also gains a blade which glows when Orcs are close, but he did not get it from the Dwarves he collcted these from the Stone Trolls cave after they had turned to stone.

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Because he had a good heart and desired to help the dwarves

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Q: Why was Bilbo taking such risks when he had absolutely no use for the dragon guarded treasures?
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