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Because he could change shape from a great black bear, to a large man, at will.

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Q: Why was Beorn called a skin changer?
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Who is Beorn in Lord of the Rings?

Beorn is a skin changer in The Hobbit.

Why does gandalf refer to beorn as a skin changer?

Beorn could change his form between human and bear.

What is a skin changer in The Hobbit?

Someone that can change from human form into something else. In The Hobbit Beorn was a shapeshifter and could turn into a bear.

Who is beorn?

Beorn is a man who lives in the wilderness. Gandalf knows him and also knows he doesn't like a lot of company, so he introduces the dwarves a few at a time so Beorn won't get mad and turn them all away. He is special because he is a skin changer that can turn into a bear.

What creature is Beorn in 'The Hobbit'?

beorn is a skin changer meaning that he can change into a bear or a human or whatever he wants to. gandalf, bilbo, and the dwarves stop at beorns house to rest and get advice on going to mirkwood

How is beorn different duiring day and night?

Beorn is a skin-changer who can take the form of a man during the day and a bear at night. During the day, he appears as a normal man who is hospitable and kind to visitors. But at night, he transforms into a fearsome bear, protecting his territory with ferocity.

How does beorn look like?

Beorn means "bear," so I suppose the answer is "like a bear." People can be NAMED Beorn without having to phyiscally resemble the animal, though, so another answer could be, "like anybody else."

What is the name of the shape-shifter who could assume the appearance of a great black bear in The Hobbit?

Beorn, the skin changer, could turn himself into a bear. Beorn was a woodman, extremely tall and muscular, however, he could change into a bear. He sometimes met and roamed with bears when danger was abroad. In The Hobbit he and his bear colleagues hunting down a goblin and a warg scout, and killed them. Beorn's appearance in the Battle of the Five Armies was the turning point and prevented the goblins from overwhelming and defeating the allies. In his wrath, he seemed to have grown twice as large, tossing aside wolves and goblins like straw.

What is a skin-changer?

They're only mentioned once that I recall in LOTR, by Gandalf while he recounts a history -- they aren't in the narrative that I recall, although I think Silmarilion may touch on them. Typically, skin changers or shape-shifters are those who can at will adopt the apprearance of other persons, and in more extreme cases, animals. Depending on which legend you're talking about, they may adopt the abilities and characteristics of whatever they change into -- or they may not. JRRT doesn't go into this. JRRT's descriptions in Silmarillion of the Eldar days also included vampires, werewolves, and quite a few more typical monsters. The most famous skin-changer is Beorn, who turns from man to bear when he needed to. He is a key character in The Hobbit, providing food and shelter to the party for a few days, as well as being one heroes of The Battle of the Five Armies.

What gruesome sight did beorn reveal to the adventurers when he asked by Bilbo what happened to the captured wolf and goblin?

Beorn had beheaded the goblin and placed it on a pole either outside his own home or somewhere in the forest, and beorn also skinned the wolf and nailed the skin/fur to a tree

What gruesome sight did Beorn reveal to the adventurers when asked by Bilbo what had happened?

A goblin's head that was stuck outside the gate and the skin of a warg nailed to a tree.

Who else besides the five armies fought in the Battle of the Five Armies?

There were the orcs and wargs fighting against the dwarves, elves, and men. the Giant Eagles of the Misty Mountains and Beorn the skin-changer fought later in the battle on the side of the dwarves, elves, and men. And, of course, Biblo Baggins, a halfling, was there.