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Undertaker accidently killed his parents and serverly burned Kane because he was playing with an Latern. When he sat it down he accidently knocked over causing a fatal fire.

Actually, the Undertaker didn't kill his parents.

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she is not good

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Q: Why undertaker killed his family?
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Did the undertaker killed someone?

Undertaker is living happily with his family. He did not kill anybody

Was Kane's family killed?

In wwe its said that Paul Bearer has killed Kane's family. As Paul was servant in Frank Wesley (undertaker's father)house.And had a affair with undertaker's mother and the result of the affair was Kane.Undertaker know everything and also knew that her mother had a affair with Paul. But later Paul was fed up with Frank and he think to kill him and he put frank and undertaker in the house and put the house on flame and took undertaker's mother and Kane outside the house but the mother told Paul to take undertaker also.Paul didn't want to but he did and he unfortunately he Kane was in flames and undertaker rescude.And later undertaker's mother died.Its how Kane was killed with his family.

Who do killed undertaker?

the undertaker is not dead he is in a vegitated state

Has wrestler undertaker really killed people?

The undertaker is 20-0 in wrestlemania death matches. So, the undertaker has killed 20 people and stole their souls as well.

What happened to Face to Face?

Kane was burned by the Undertaker. The Undertaker killed his family by burning them and Kane who is known as Diesel. The Undertaker and kane are brothers well half brothers but i think what was posted before i wrote this is a big lie kane burns himself

What did Kane do to the undertaker?

Kane beat up undertaker and all most killed he.

Who killed the undertaker first?


What idle does undertaker serve?

he killed her

What happened to the Undertaker in Death Valley?

He killed his own family members.Also Communicated with the Devil And THE DEVIL Goblin's That's how he does those Tricks.

Is it true that two undertaker exist and one of them was killed by the otherreal undertaker?

Yes. When the Undertaker disappeared, Ted DiBiase brought out a fake Undertaker, but the real Undertaker returned and disposed of the fake one.

How hany people has the undertaker killed?

Accoding to WWE, he has killed 24 people

Is undertaker dead and if yes who killed him?

No one killed him but Kane is acting sucpices