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The drinking age should be 21. Drinking alcohol in your teen years canaffect your health. People who start drinking under the age of 15 most likely become alcoholics. When you're 21 you most likely have a better head on your shoulders than you did in high school.

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I believe that an 18 year old should be able to vote, here are my reasons: One if we are aloud to join the army we should be allowed to vote for the person we are fighting for and for who controls our nation.

Two I don't think it matters that we are not as smart or intelligent as twenty one year olds I think it matters that at the age eighteen we become adults and we are just as well developed as any other adult would be.

My last reason would be that age should not be counted as a primary factor. A eighteen year could be as smart as a twenty one year old and that age does not matter, you cant tell if someone is smart of dumb just by their looks.

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Doing so drives drinking "underground" into locations where there is no societal control or restraining influence on consumption and it tends to become excessive.

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Q: Why should drinking age should be higher than 18?
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Should the drinking age be raised higher than 21?

There is no need for the drinking age to be raised to 21 because at age 21 is when most peoples brains are done developing. Also age 21 has been the drinking age since 1984 so they wouldn't change it 26 years later.

From which age should a baby start drinking full cream milk?

A baby should start drinking full cream milk after one year and not earlier than that.

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What should the minimum drinking age be?

Whatever the minimum drinking age should be does not matter as much as what the law states that it is. In the United States, the minimum drinking age is 21. Many think it should be age 18, when a person can go off to war.

Why should the drinking age be lowerd?


Should the drinking age be lowered in California?

No because that would mean more drinking!

Should to drinking age be lowered to 19?

No, it should be 20 or up.

Should the legal drinking age be moved back to eighteen?

yes because we like drinking

Should the New- Zealand drinking age be raised from 18 to 20?

no, it should not

At what age should the elderly stop drinking milk?


What is the drinking age in Islands?

the legal drinking age is 18. but if your younger than 21 you canot bring any alcohal back to the states

Why shouldn't the drinking age be lowered to 18?

i don't think no kids should be drinking until there 18