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becase it nice

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to know how it happend in other to establish control measures to mitigate future occurance

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Q: Why should a 'near miss' be investigated?
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What class of military accidents should be reported?

As in a civilian factory, all military accidents or potential accidents (near miss) should be written in the Accident Book, and investigated.

What types of accident should be investigated?

All accident should be investigated.

The variances that should be investigated by management include?

should all variances be investigated

20. What type(s) of accidents should be investigated?

Accidents that result in serious injuries, fatalities, property damage, or have the potential for recurrence should be investigated to identify root causes and prevent future incidents. It is crucial to investigate accidents that occurred as a result of human error, equipment failure, or unsafe working conditions. Major incidents or near-misses should also be thoroughly investigated to understand underlying issues and improve safety measures.

What is a near miss?

A near miss is an event that could have resulted in injury, illness, or harm, but didn't. Synonyms for "near miss" are "close call," or in the case of a moving object, such as vehicles, "near collison" and "near hit."

What type of accidents should be investigated?


What type's of accidents should be investigated?


An incident involving an employee that almost trips on a loose piece of flooring should be reported as a what?

near miss

What should you do if you miss someone?

Call them and tell them that you miss them.Furthermore, If you fell very serious, watch the photos that you had taken a long time ago and tell someone who is near to you about them.....

What other way to say near miss?

"CLose call" is another way to say "Near miss".

What types of military accidents should be investigated?


What type of accident should be investigated?

all accidents