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The line became extinct after the 3rd creation because no male heirs were produced and the monarchy did not reward the title to anyone else. However the title of Earl of Suffolk still exists.

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Q: Why is there no current Duke of Suffolk?
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Who was the duke of Suffolk in Henry VIII time?

The Duke of Suffolk in Henry VIII time was Charles Brandon, Henry VIII best friend and brother-in-law.

Who played Duke of Suffolk on the Tudor series?

Henry Cavill

Did the Duke of Suffolk Charles Brandon really go crazy?

yes he did, he later be came Mr. BALL----IN

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Who was Brandon earl of suffolk?

There have been 21 men given the title of 'Earl of Suffolk' and there has never been a Brandon. Perhaps you mean 'Duke of Suffolk'? Charles Brandon was 1st Duke of Suffolk. Born 1484, Brandon grew up in Henry VII's court and held various titles during his time in the court. Brandon distinguished himself in battle during the French Campaign of 1513. During his lifetime, Brandon had four marriages, his third (and perhaps most notable) marriage was to Mary Tudor, sister of the reigning king Henry VIII. Brandon had several legitimate and illegitimate children, two of which (Henry and Charles) received the title 'Duke of Suffolk' after their father's death in 1545.

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What was Henry VIII friends?

His best friend and brother-in-law through most of his life was Charles Brandon--1st Duke of Suffolk.

Who is Charles Brandon?

Charles Brandon was an English courtier and close friend of King Henry VIII. He served as the Duke of Suffolk and married Henry's sister Mary Tudor. Brandon played a significant role in English politics during the early 16th century.

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Her father was Henry Grey, Marquess of DorsetHer mother was Lady Frances Grey (daughter of the Duke of Suffolk)

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