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Apparently, the scarab beetle appears on the majority of the Journey album covers because the band,s former manager, Walter "Herbie" Herbert decided upon using this artwork for Journey,s album covers, although there seems to be no explanation for why this was done. My impression is that Journey,s former manager did this in an effort to demonstrate to the band that he was the only person who had any authority regarding decisions pertaining to Journey.

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Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley designed an album cover for JimI Hendrix. Hendrix had passed away so the artwork went unused. When Journey contacted them for an album design, the Jimi Hendrix beetle was morphed into the Journey emblem, and that's where the Journey scarab was born. The scarab immediately stood out on the front of Journey's sixth LP, 1980's Departure, as a rainbow-hued winged creature flies among the planets.

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Q: Why is there a beetle on all the Journey albums?
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