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Pith is weaker than the rest of a tree because it comes from the young flexible sapling of an adolescent tree. If the Pith is not removed a builder would have to assume that all the lumber was as weak as the pith, and they would end up using more lumber than necessary to carry the same load.

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Q: Why is the pith of the tree useless for commercial timber?
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What is the purpose of the tree pith?

the pith is the middle of a tree

Why is the pith in a mahogany tree harder than that of the pith in an apple tree?

The pith is harder because a mahogany tree grows very slowly.

The is the center of a stem and can store food.?

The center of plant stem that can store food is called the pith. The pith has a spongy texture. The pith in a tree is called the trunk.

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The palm tree is a tree that does not produce traditional timber. Palm trees do not have true woody tissue like other trees, so they are not used for lumber. Instead, they are valued for their fruit, oil, and aesthetic appeal.

Is softwood a type of tree?

Softwood is not a type of tree, but rather a classification of wood that comes from certain types of trees. Softwood typically comes from coniferous trees, which have needles and cones, such as pine, spruce, and cedar.

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