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They hanged him, and let his dead body poison the water for the townspeople.

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Q: Why is the method of Gaspard's execution particularly cruel?
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Who were the 2 people who were closes Jesus at the foot of his cross when he was crucified?

other people convicted as criminals. crucifixion was a particularly cruel method of execution, but Christ was not the only one who suffered this means of death.

What is the application of quadratic equation to the lab technicians?

None, quadratics are a torture method invented by a particularly cruel middle age teacher.

Is lethal injection murder?

I believe not. In Texas, years ago, our execution method was changed from the electric chair to lethal injection on the grounds that electrocution was cruel and unusual. If I understand lethal injection , there is no pain involved. The only question is that of whether or not execution itself is cruel or unusual. Is it unusual? No. People have been executed through the ages and will be executed for all time to come. Is it cruel? I say no. There is no pain inolved.

Why was this execution particularly cruel?

It is difficult to determine the specific context of the execution you are referring to as there have been numerous instances of cruel executions throughout history. However, executions are generally deemed cruel when they involve prolonged suffering, torture, or extreme methods that go beyond the intended purpose of punishment. The cruelty may be subjective in nature as it depends on cultural norms and perceptions of what is considered humane.

Why is death by firing squad not cruel and unusual?

No. Though it has rarely been used outside of wartime, no case has ever been successfully brought against the practice in the United States. It has only ever been used as a method of execution in 4 states, is no longer used in 2 of those, and is only currently a backup option to lethal injection in 2. The U.S. Supreme Court has only once heard the case that the firing squad is cruel and unusual, and in that case, Wilkerson v. Utah (1878), the Court found that the firing squad did not constitute cruel and unusual punishment. The last case of firing squad execution in the United States was in Utah in 1996 and was elected by the condemned. Utah removed the option for firing squad execution in 2004. A 1993 survey suggested that Firing Squad was more painful to the condemned only than execution by lethal injection, below electrocution, the second most common method of execution in the United States.

What is a sentence for crucify?

The angry mob wanted to crucify the accused criminal for his alleged crimes.

Do countries still use crucifixion?

Crucifixion is no longer practiced as a form of punishment in any country. It has been widely condemned as a cruel and inhumane method of execution, and most countries have abolished it in favor of more humane forms of punishment.

Did Mary kill lady Jane grey?

yes she did, after a rebellion, mary became cruel and ordered her execution.

Was it unfair that Marie Antoinette was transported to her execution in a open cart?

It was cruel, but not unfair; everybody went the same way

Who generally organizes a genocide?

Genocides are generally ordered by strong-willed individuals motivated by powerful ideologies. In terms of the actual organization, e.g. building of camps, coordinating military movements, determining the method of execution, etc., this is usually entrusted to engineers and logisticians who happen to be aligned with the cruel dictator.

Was the electric chair ever used in England?

Nebraska, the only state with the electric chair as the primary method of execution, determined on February 8, 2008 that it was cruel and unusual punishment under the state's constitution, and the United States constitution. Prisoners are no longer electrocuted in Nebraska, and now the state has no method of execution.However, in several states, the electric chair is available as an option if the prisoner chooses it over Lethal Injection, which is the most commonly used method of execution currently and replaced the electric chair, which used to be dominate. Those states are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Is whaling a type of animal cruelty?

Whaling itself is not, but every method ever used is cruel.