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Well initially, Lord of the Flies was a good idea and concept for a story, based on great English literature writing. However the book turned out to be boring not only for the publishers and writer, but also for all the readers. Apparently the only person known to me that has any love for this book was called Oliver Sandell. However this book shows boredom in every chapter with no action. The best action of the book is a swine being chased, OOoOh, this sure is a great struggle for kids on a stranded island right? Lord of the Flies might be considered a "Satisfying" book for old people, or people who lost their sense of hearing or sight.

Many educated people (including those who can spell) realize that "Lord of the Flies" is not a boring book at all. It is a many layered book. It can be treated as a simple story of boys on a desert island, by those who are unable to recognise that there are other levels to the novel. It is no coincidence that the two central character are called Ralph and Jack. These were also the names of the two main characters in "The Coral Island", a much earlier book which also dealt with boys who were shipwrecked on a desert island. There are also similarities between the way the two stories ends. The Coral Island was a simple boy's adventure story. The boys in "Lord of the Flies" not only kill pigs, they also kill each other (Simon, Piggy, Percival and possibly the boys who Ralph attacks during his attempt to avoid capture). And I guess that setting an entire island on fire might be considered to be dramatic by some people who have actually read the book and not just watched the poor 1990s movie. "Lord of the Flies" is a scathing attack on society. It reveals that beneath the thin veneer of civilization, the savage animals from which we evolved still lurk within us. The book is also a metaphore for the Cold War as well as being a superb piece of literature.

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Q: Why is the Lord of the Flies such a boring book?
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The book "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding was copyrighted in 1954.

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