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No. He is still an active wrestler in WWE smackdown show

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he has not left he has been suspended due to failing there wellness check

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Rey Mysterio is taking some time off to heal a wrist injury.

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Q: Why is rey mysterio not wrestling in the WWE?
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Where is Rey Mysterio?

He's fighting in WWE ( WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment

Which WWE leagues does Rey Mysterio fight in?

Rey Mysterio is not currently in a specific league, but has been involved with World Championship Wrestling, WCW, and World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, where he has spent the majority of his career.

Why does he call himself rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio jnr. uses his wrestling name Rey Mysterio because his uncle who used the wrestling name Rey Misterio told him to .Rey Mysterio used the spelling Misterio in WCW and ECW(reffered to a rey misterio jnr) before he moved to WWE and changed his name to Rey Mysterio.

When did rey mysterio start his career in the WWE?

He started wrestling in the WWE in June, 2002.

How did rey mysterio get injerd?

During his match. He injured himself while wrestling in the WWE

Is rey mysterio still in WWE?

yes rey mysterio is still in wwe

Who has won more matches rey mysterio or Randy Orton?

rey mysterio. rey started wrestling in 1989 and randy orton started in 2000, rey must have won more if he was wrestling for 11 more years than orton.rey mysterio is also a veteran of wrestling.

When rey mysterio came to the WWE?

Rey Mysterio debuted in the WWE on July 25, 2002.

How is stronger on WWE Kofi Kingston or Rey Mysterio?

rey mysterio

Where can a replica Rey Mysterio mask be bought?

Rey Mysterio is a very popular, champion WWE wrestler. A replica of his mask can be purchased on a variety of sites such as Amazon and The Wrestling Super Store.

What happened to WWE wrestler Rey Mesterio?

Rey Mysterio's WWE contract expired in February of 2015, ending his 13 years with the company. He is currently wrestling with AAA, a lucha libre wrestling promotion based in Mexico.

Who is the cousin of Rey Mysterio Jr?

Rey Mysterio learned how to fight from his Grandpa. Rey took on giants like J.B.L and Kane the monster. Rey wore masks when he was at WWE [Wrestling]. I have a book on Rey Mysterio, on the back cover it said DON'T MESS with the little man.