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Ever spent your whole life blood sweat and tears building your own business just to have your own children betray you and try to steal it?

^The above is a crap answer. It is true he did spend his whole life building the company. Senior has been harassing Paul Jr and Mikey a lot over the years. Paul Jr is trying to get what is partially his. They did not become as popular until the series started. Jr made a major impact on the business and helped bring it over the top with his creativity. Go back and watch old OCC episodes, all Sr did was bash and yell at Jr.

^^^^From an unbiased bystander with his own family problems I can step back and really see both sides.

Jr. you feel like you have a right to a portion of the earnings of the company since it was the show ,WHICH STARRED BOTH OF YOU, that helped bring your company to new levels. And perhaps you deserve something.

Sr. the whole of the OCC was because of your doing in the beginning. You ran this business and brought your children into it to work FOR YOU. It progressed further than anyones could have dreamed and brought fortune and fame to both of you.

Now, in my opinion, I feel that yes Jr., you may deserve a portion and share in the overall success of the OCC but perhaps let your father give it to you when he is ready...I have several friends who's father had owned some business or another and didn't get "ownership" and the appropriate monetary salary within, until that father retired or passed on. You couldn't expect that he would give it to some random Joe over his own child when he was ready to settle down. Life is hard sometimes and you wont always agree with your father but he is YOUR FATHER and that can not change. Patience is a virtue often hard to achieve.

On the other hand, I know that the world we live in today is much more confusing and sometimes things have to be done in order to ensure equality for the parties involved so I suggest to you Sr. that you give your son a little something to reconcile differences in an effort to get over the whole thing. And instead of trying to win, like my own father often does in some stubborn effort to prove that he is the father of the relationship, don't keep at it. Let him win this one and support his other business ventures. You will still have continued success in your business and hopefully you will all get back together and share in each other's businesses and lives, having even more success.

And finally, Mikey, you obviousy love both of them and you need to understand that they both love you too. I know it's hard to not choice sides, as I often sided with my brother in family arguments, but you need to also be there for your father. He needs you more than ever now and maybe that alone will help alleviate all outstanding issues with the rest of the family. Your brother needs you too, support in his beliefs is very important for a healthy realationship. However, you've been supporting Jr. soley and I think it is time for your father to have some of that support as well. I feel that you alone could be the key to smoothing everything over with the whole family. I know it's a big task but you have to be there for both of them and hopefully that can bring everyone closer together.

Good luck to all of you. God Bless.

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Q: Why is paul teutul sr so skinny?
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