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Answer... Think about your parents, about married couples. when some one is in love, there is nothing you can do. Bella is the first person he has ever thirsted for and the last. No one could replace her, not to him.

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Q: Why is it that Bellas blood calls to Edward more than anyone else?
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In twilight who calls edward before the prom?

In the book Charlie calls edward before prom telling him that Tyler is at Bellas house picking her up for the prom. In the movie no one calls Edward.

Does Edward Cullen suck blood?

He is what his family calls a "vegetarian". They drink animals blood, not humans.

How old is the brim blood gang?

Anyone who calls themselves "the brim blood gang" couldn't be a day older than 12.

Edward Cullens background info?

Ed? That's the common nickname for people with that name. But I cant remember any nickname being mentioned. Edward was born in 1901 so he's pretty old-fashioned, he may find it rude if someone calls him a nickname. Its sertaintly not EJ. No matter what anyone tells you.

What are the ratings and certificates for Blood Calls You - 2010?

Blood Calls You - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:7

Does edward and Bella have kids?

They have one child. Bella gets pregnant on their honeymoon. No one was aware that a human and vampire could reproduce. She is born about a month after conception and named Reneesme (after Bellas mother Renee, and Edwards "mother" Esme". Jacob calls her Nessie, much to Bellas distaste. ForeverBlue~ lol, wen u say "no one" it was refering to just the cullens, they found Hulien and her nephew Nahuel thnx 2 alice, to confirm all Aro's suspicions as to wat renesmee could turn out to be. 4evrblu x

What does jacobsay to Bella just before edward calls from Brazil?

This a private Question

What does Edward call Bella when they are up in the trees?

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) calls Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) a spider monkey.

Is Edward Cullen happy when he finds out bella is pregnant?

Edward goes into shock when he finds out she is pregnant. When Jacob describes Edward he calls him 'the burning man' because he looks really depressed.

Why does edward want Bella's blood so much is it because she is so much like a vampire please answer soon i will go crazy i tell you crazy?

The Volruri call her 'la tua cantante', which means singer. Her blood sings out to him. It's just because there's something about her blood that calls a lot to him. Emmett had the same problem with 2 humans.

Does Edward Cullen ever get drunk and make booty calls at 2 AM?

No, because you touch yourself at night.

What is Emmett Cullens nickname?

Edward calls him Em when he says Em and Jazz Jazz is Jasper so...