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Because Andy Griffith was the name of the actor who played Andy Taylor, hence the show was named after the actor, not the character.

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Q: Why is it called the Andy Griffith show if Andy's last name is Taylor?
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What religion was Sheriff Taylor?

Sheriff Andy Taylor from "The Andy Griffith Show" was depicted as Protestant, most likely Baptist. His character often displayed a strong moral compass and values commonly associated with Protestantism.

On the Andy Griffith Show why did Clara Johnson change her last name?

she was preggers with andys love child Type your answer here...

Who was Ronnie Howard of the Andy Griffith show?

Ronnie Howard starred as Opie taylor, the son of Sheriff Taylor played by Andy Griffith on The Andy Griffith Show Which aired on CBS for eight years 1960-68

Who played the tv role by Andy griffth?

Andy Griffith Played Sheriff Andy Taylor.

Who is Barney's buddy?

Fred (as in Flintstone, from "The Flinstones") or Andy (as in Taylor, from "The Andy Griffith Show).

On the Andy Griffith show did Barney fife call Andy Taylor and?

Confusing question. Barney also called Andy "Ange," if that's what's being asked.

On The Andy Griffith Show what was Andy Taylor's middle name?

Taylor Swifts middle name is Alison. Taylor Swifts middle name is Alison.

Who was Otis on the Andy griffith show?

Otis, part of what is now called United Technologies- is best-known as an elevator manufacturer. Opie was the son of Sheriff Taylor on the Griffith program.

What is Andy Griffiths's email address?

heres andys po box if any fans would like to send him a nice card!!! Andy Griffith P.O. Box 1968 Manteo, NC 27954 USA

Was Andy Griffith married in real life?

Actor Andy Griffith, best known as sheriff Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show, has been married three times. First to Barbara Bray Edwards, then to Solica Cassuto, and then to his current wife, Cindi Knight.

What are the release dates for The Andy Griffith Show - 1960 Goodbye Sheriff Taylor 5-10?

The Andy Griffith Show - 1960 Goodbye Sheriff Taylor 5-10 was released on: USA: 23 November 1964

What is opie Taylor's full name?

Yes. he was the son ( fictional, possibly adopted) of Sheriff Taylor ( Andy Griffith) the role was played by actor Ron Howard.