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Because that's what actually happened in history. Not sure why you're asking.

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Q: Why is glaberus defeated in the spartacus movie''?
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What act did Spartacus perform in the 1960 film version of the movie Spartacus to help his best friend?

Spartacus kills his best friend to spare him of the agonies of crucifixion. This happened after the Spartacus slave army was defeated and Spartacus and his friend were captured.

Which general finally defeated Spartacus?

Spartacus was defeated by Crassus; although Pompey got much of the credit.

Did Spartacus defeat pompey?

No, Spartacus and his followers were routed by Crassus before Pompey reached the area where they were defeated.

Nina of spartacus?

Nina Foch from the movie Spartacus.

What is the movie Spartacus about?

As the title should tell you, the movie Spartacus is about the gladiator who escaped along with others and terrorized Italy. Much of the movie versions of Spartacus are fictionalized as very little is actually known about the person called Spartacus.

Who portrayed Spartacus in the 19 film version of the movie Spartacus?


What was spartacus's success in roman history?

spartacus started a gladiotor/slave roman revolution and was very succesful but was eventually defeated by crassus the roman senator.

Who were Hannibal and spartacus?

The questions and answers previously given do not provide a reason for Rome's initial defeat by the army of Spartacus. The reason Rome lost the first encounter with Spartacus was Rome's expectation that Spartacus posed no serious threat and so the small force Rome sent to defeat Spartacus was defeated because Spartacus had 90,000 troops at his disposal.

How long is the movie spartacus?

184 min..

Where was the Movie spartacus filmed?

amesbury england

When did spartacus become a gladiator?

Spartacus became a gladiator when he was captured and trained. I know this is not a very specific answer, but we know very, very little about Spartacus, the man. We don't even know if "Spartacus" was his real name. He comes into history as a leader of a slave revolt and leaves history as a defeated enemy.

Which oft he roman commanders did Spartacus defeat?

Spartacus defeated Lentulus first, who had attempted to surround the slaves, and then both the praetor Arrius and Gellius, who had recently slain Crixus and his Gauls.