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Actually he is in X-Men Origins Wolverine! Yay!

Well he's not in 1 and 2 because, remember, that in X-Men: Origins happened all before he met Rouge, and Xavier and that, That gun shot the Wolverine's head erased his memory. I really wonder why they did it the other way round....

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Q: Why is gambit not in the x men movies?
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Who played Gambit in the X-Men movies?

Taylor Kitsch plays Gambit in X-Men: Origins Wolverine.

What episode in wolverine and the X-Men is Gambit in?

Gambit is in the X-men origins Wolverine

In X-men what is Gambit's real name?

Gambit's full name is Remy Lebeau.

Have cyclops and gambit ever fought?

Yes, in ultimate x-men vol 10, Cyclops shoots gambit with an optic blast, and Gambit is injured.

What are the release dates for Uncanny X-Men - 2012 Gambit 2-7?

Uncanny X-Men - 2012 Gambit 2-7 was released on: USA: 1 January 2013

What is Gambit from x men human name?

Gambit's real name is Remy LeBeau.

How many times do rogue and gambit kiss in x men?


Real name of gambit in x men?

Remy Etienne LeBeau

What role does the actor Danny Hudson play in X-men OriginsWolverine?


What episode from x men animated series has rogue and gambit powerless?

X men season2 episode12/ Episode title "Reunion"

How many X-Men movies will they make?

Predicting the future is not possible but as of 2018, the X-Men related movies reportedly in development are Gambit, an untitled X-Force movie, a third Deadpool, a New Mutant sequel, an untitled X-23 film, untitled Multiple Man movie & an untitled Kitty Pride film. There is no telling how many movies will ultimately be made. Presumably as long as they have stories & characters and the films continue to make money, the studios will make X-Men related films into the foreseeable future.

What was tonights code for wolverine and the X-men locked and coded?

it was Double Cross it unlocks gambit.