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He's in prison for murdering producer Richard Holmes. Holmes was shot in the back by Crazy Titch or Carl Dobson and Anthony Green his stepfather because a lyrical battle between titches squad and Holmes' squad got out of hand. The official explanation is that Holmes produced a song in which his friend rapper Sabar Shah in which they accused him stepbrother of Dobson Durty Goodz of having lost contact with his roots. Vice magazine claims it all started when Durrty Goodz had confronted Shah rudely about his lyric, after which Holmes and Shah with others hsowed up at the house of Durrty Goodz and threatened his mother. After this Green and Dobson found and killed Holmes and shot him in the back with a mack 10 and a machine gun. The murder was committed in 2005 but Dobson and Green got convicted to 30 to life after witness recognised Dobson on television. After a search the murder weapons were discovered and confession followed. As always the matter of which one of the two pulled the trigger and the precise role of Dobson remain a topic of heated debate between fans and opponents.

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Q: Why is crazy titch in prision?
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