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Q: Why is a solo often not a true solo?
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True or false did Joe Jonas do a solo progect with his brothers true?


Is it true that a 17th century Solo Vocal Piece Of Music Was Called A Suit?

No. A Suite (with an 'e' at the end, pronounced 'sweet') was a set of short musical pieces, often as dance music and often written in the same key.

What is a quote that hope solo once said?

"True champions aren't always the ones that win, but those with the most guts." - Hope Solo

What is a vocal solo?

a solo by a singer is called an "aria". It is essentially one voice singing by itself without any other voices.

A song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment is called?

aria its generic but true

Is the Italian secular cantata a genre for solo singers with instrumental accompaniment?


The most important job of the rhythm section is to solo?

false (apex)

Is it true that Steve Lukather played guitar on Beat It and Eddie Van Halen just played the solo on the song?

Yes it is true, Van Halen was only responsible for the solo part, Steve Lukather played guitar for the main portion of the song.

Is there a one word synonym for the noun 'solo' not the adjective?

No, the noun 'solo' has no true synonym.The noun 'solo' is a word for an unaccompanied piece of music played by one musician or sung by one performer; a word for one person alone flying an airplane; a word for a thing. Examples:He played a trumpet solo.She sang a solo for the opening.He flew his first solo today.The word 'solo' is also an adjective and a verb.

What was special about frank marocco?

Frank was one of the world's best accordeon players. (Ever) A true Jazz musician, he often performed Be-Bop tunes solo and in groups. He pioneered the use of the Chord-O-Vox amplified accordeon.

Does subdivisions of chemistry often overlap true or false?


When was Solo Solo created?

Solo Solo was created on 1997-08-08.